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New York Style Pizza

Roll, Wrap, Sourdough. Rye.

Italian Grinder Roll (seeded or unseeded) 4 inch / 8 inch +3

Gluten Free Bun +3.

Large - 18" - 12 slices / Small - 12" - 6 slices

Standard Toppings - $1 (small), $2 (large)

Onion. Green Pepper. Black Olives. Spinach. Jalapeno. Hot Oil.

Premium Toppings - $2 (small), $3 (large)

Specialty Toppings - $3 (small), $4 (large)

Vegan Mozzarella. Impossible Meatballs (meatless). Prosciutto. Capicola. Ricotta. Feta. Impossible Pepperoni (meatless). Breaded Eggplant.

Roasted Red Peppers. Broccoli Rabe. Fried Chicken.

Pepperoni. Meatball. Sausage (sweet or hot). Bacon. Ham. Pineapple. Mushrooms. Roasted Garlic. Sliced Tomato. Salami. Caramelized Onions. Hot Cherry Peppers.

Banana Peppers. Grilled Chicken. Artichoke Hearts. Anchovies. Broccoli. Hot Honey.

Gluten Free Crust (small pizza only), Vegan Cheese & Meats Available

Make A Large Pizza a Calzone +$3 or Small Pizza a Sicilian +$3

MEATS: Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Capicola, Proscuitto, Pepperoni, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Cutlet, Pastrami, Hamburger, Shaved Steak, Eggplant, Tuna or Chicken Salad.

CHEESES: American. Provolone. Swiss. White Cheddar. Pepperjack. Mozzarella.

TOPPINGS: House Italian Dressing, Mayo, Mustard, Pesto, Chipotle Aioli, BBQ Sauce, Balsamic Glaze, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, Jalapeno Ranch, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Green Peppers, Jalapeños, Roasted Red Peppers, Banana Peppers, Spinach, Mushrooms, Olives, Pickles, Bacon, Broccoli Rabe.

Hot Dogs with a Crunch

Little Fatties


Tuesday - Friday 7AM to 9PM

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Sunday, 8AM to 8PM

Closed Monday

Dolan Plaza

211 Greenwood Ave Bethel, CT


Italian Panzerotti - Stuffed Fried Dough with Marinara for Dipping

Two Per Order




Add to Any Entree or Salad

Chicken Cutlet $6 Grilled Chicken $6 Meatballs $3 each

Sausages $4 each Burger $8

Prices, Availability, and Menu Offerings Subject to Change


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Sauerkraut I Chili I Cheese I Any Pizza Topping

Cooked In Our Deep Fryer - They SNAP When You Eat Them

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