Choice Of Dressings

Italian Vinaigrette, Balsamic, Ranch or Bleu Cheese


OUr pizza styles

* About Our Pizza *

Fire & Stone is not your traditional pizzaria, we serve artisan pizzas featuring two styles of crust both cooked in high tempature wood fire ovens creating a unique flavor & slight charring of the crust. The charring is a charateristic of our crust.

We do not offer personalization options for our pizza's such as

1/2 toppings or modifications of our pre-set pizzas menu as our system of preparing our pizza would be slowed down significantly.

Add Chicken to any salad $4


Pre-Set SELECTION Sizes 12" 16" GF

Buid Your Own 12" 16" GF

B.Y.O. - Build your own pizza. Choose a style and with choice of toppings below.Toppings are additional

pre-setSELECTION Sizes 12" 16" GF