Platter Add Ons

BBQ by The Pound

Served with 2 Sides & Bread

(Corn bread muffin, Brioche Bun, Texas Toast, Hush Puppies)

Sub Brunswick Stew or Side Salad Side for $2


& Snacks

Add Cheese $2

Add Chili $2

Add Bacon $2

Add Veggies FREE

Extra Patty $3

Extra Meat $4

Chicken Wings

Plain or Dipped BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Hot or Buffalo. Ranch or Blue Cheese on the side by request.

**Combo** Add any side & Drink $5


Side Items

Kids Meals

Family Meals

2 pounds or Racks meat, 3 Large Sides, 4 bread items.

Add a Gallon Beverage or Jar of Da' Sauce for $5.99

Side, Cookie, Juice & Coloring Pack :-)